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Our holdings

Small and medium-sized enterprises
Navigo invests in small and medium-sized enterprises, mainly Swedish-based companies in the B2B segment. We prefer companies to have a tried and tested business model, a strong market position in their region or segment, and a stable and positive cash flow over time. We invest in companies that operate in markets with strong underlying growth, often linked to major megatrends such as urbanisation, climate change and digitalisation.

Hub companies
Our general portfolio strategy for creating value is to establish hub companies. Add-on acquisitions are made in these to consolidate fragmented markets and complementary acquisitions in order to strengthen the company’s product or service offering. We analyse the whole value chain and often work in verticals or horizontally in order to implement changes that create value, which includes business-oriented initiatives and structural consolidation.

Hub companies
Strategic stock market holdings and associated companies

Product and service companies
Product companies are essentially designed to build value through growth. Navigo invests in product companies where expertise forms a key part of the company’s competitiveness and where the products offer competitive advantages sustainable in the long term and measurable client benefit.

In service companies, competitiveness is linked to the ability to arrange service provision cost-effectively and maximise utilisation of capacity, in terms of both staff and capital-intensive equipment. Navigo’s funding expertise provides us with an important competitive advantage in this respect.

Investment horizon
In general, Navigo owns its holdings as long as they are deemed to meet our return requirements, and as long as we feel we have the resources – both human and financial – to meet the needs of the holding so that established return requirements can be met. In practice, this means that for most holdings, we do our best to keep the companies until further notice.

Navigo creates returns by constantly building value in our holdings, and we use a number of opportunities to highlight the increased value from time to time; such as through divestment as with Nordic Lift, or through listing as in the case of Nordisk Bergteknik.

Navigo’s holdings can be divided into hub companies and other holdings: these may be strategic stock exchange holdings or other, smaller holdings. Our hub companies include: Vinga Group, CalorMet, Chemgroup and Geogruppen. More information about each company can be viewed by clicking on each company under “Holdings”.

In addition to our hub companies, Navigo also has ownership that exceeds a 20 percent stake in Nordic Bergteknik, which is considered a strategic listed holding. In addition, Navigo also has holdings where the ownership stake is less than 20 percent, including Thinc Jetty Collective and Grängesberg Exploration.